At Hometown Audiology we know how important it is to finding a hearing solution that fits your unique lifestyle. We pride ourselves on going through the steps to getting to know you in order to better understand your individual needs.

Hearing Testing

We offer FREE hearing tests and screenings to the community, using the latest in audiological equipment. We test your ability to hear different frequencies, as well as your ability to hear and understand speech. This information, along with your communication history, allows us to provide the best possible recommendations.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

Using the latest technology from major brands, we provide high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices. Using the results of your hearing test, we help you select the right hearing devices for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. We fit both custom and non-custom hearing aids, and are sure to have something for you!

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Tinnitus, an audiological and neurological condition is experienced by nearly 50 million Americans. It’s when you have the perception of sound when there isn’t any actually present. Even though there isn’t a cure for tinnitus, we can help find a solution to relieve the symptoms of it.

Hearing Aid Repair

We can repair and service most hearing aid makes and models at Hometown Audiology. We’ll use not only our tools but our expertise to get your hearing aids back to you, and in turn, get yourself back to better hearing.

Bluetooth & Media Streaming

Pairing your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your smartphone, to your hearing devices comes with many advantages. For example, you can personalize your listening experience, as many hearing aid brands with Bluetooth products offer apps that allow for one to adjust volume settings or stream music through your hearing aids. Bluetooth is also an electronics industry standard protocol. It’s technology is uniform across all platforms regardless of make, model, or brand. Contact us at Hometown Audiology about wireless connectivity and your hearing needs today.

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